DRDO launched the Nirbhay cruise missile, but aborted after 8 minutes

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The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) had fired an 800 km range Nirbhay cruise missile, launching it from Odisha’s test facility on Monday, right into the Bay of Bengal. However, DRDO took a call to abort the mission right after 8 minutes of the launch.

A government official confirmed the news, “The missile was fired at 10.30 am from the testing facility.. But the missile developed a snag and the trial was aborted 8 minutes later.”

From the record of last 35 days, Nirbhay missile is India’s tenth missile to be launched, which accords to one missile launched every four days on an average. This is India’s answer with the new age stand-off weapons to Chinese mobilisation of troops and support elements based in East Ladakh.

Though, the mission was aborted on Monday, DDRO is going to schedule another trail in some months , which would build-up for its complete induction into Indian military and border deployments.

About Nirbhaya missile

Nirbhaya, being a sub-sonic missile, has a flying velocity of 0.7 Mach, which comes along with its ability to do sea-skimming and terrain-hugging which aids in letting the missile reside in the enemy radar to prevent detection.

Nirbhaya has the loitering capacity which will permit the delivery platform to navigate in the mid-flight and also at the end to attack the enemy. The launch can be driven by a definite rocket booster, produced by the Advanced Systems Laboratory of DRDO which makes the handling and operations much simpler.

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