Farmers exempted from loan waiver for growing wrong crops

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For the first time, the Karnataka government will have disincentives for the farmers growing wrong crops. If this proposal is put into action, then there will be no subsidy or loan waiver or benefits for the farmers who will grow crops which are not inherently based on the location.

The Department of Planning, Programme Monitoring and Statistics have introduced

the proposal to make sure regarding the aspect of food security and sustainable agriculture.

Karnataka has been bifurcated into 10 zones based on the climatic conditions like the rainfall pattern, soil type, elevation, topography, etc. The government gives strong recommendations to the farmers through the agricultural universities to grow crops which are suitable to their land.

Agriculture Commissioner Brijesh Kumar Dikshit said that it won’t be easy. 

“Farmers will argue that they have been growing a particular crop like their ancestors did,” he added.

The government provides a soil health card to the farmers through which they pass on the suggestions to the farmers for a better yield.

Agrometeorologist M B Rajegowda, who presently is an adviser for the Environmental Management & Policy Research Institute stated that, “Crop recommendations are made from a food security point of view. And if the recommendation is followed, there will be yield in 80-90% of the time.”

“We must discourage farmers from growing the wrong crops. They won’t get economic returns. Also, we can minimise farmer suicides,” Rajegowda further added.

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