Festive season to prolong the Covid-19 peak in Karnataka

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Ahead of the holidays in the festive season, experts have anticipated that the increased movement of people and socialization would add up 34,700 more active cases to the Covid-19 caseload of the state of Karnataka. The festive season can further prolong the peak phase of the Covid-19 outbreak in Karnataka, say experts.

Based on the excerpts from the mathematical modelling study, the numbers will be beyond the routine caseload of 1.2 lakh fresh cases estimated to be coming up to October 27.

When comparing Karnataka with other states, the active cases have been increasing despite the discharges, whereas other stakes have passed through the peak phase and are observing gradual lessening of the Covid-19 cases.

Subramaniam Sivakumar of Pratian Technologies said, “However, if people adhere to all social distancing regulations during the shopping season, it is likely that we will start to see the beginnings of the peak within three weeks.” Sivakumar is following the mathematics model for analyzing the present situation pertaining to Covid-19.

Minister for Health said that he does not “want to speculate about peak or second wave.” Though the government is making cautious attempts pertaining to the rising cases.

Regarding the chain of infections, Sudhakar said, it will “only happen after a vaccine is developed. For a large country like India, herd immunity cannot be a strategic option. It can be achieved only through mass vaccination. Any other way may prove to be costly and is not at all feasible.”

Sivakumar emphasized on the actions of Bengalureans, which will be the ultimate deciding factor for the “peaking” as Bangalore accounts to 45% of the total cases of the state.

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