March 24, 2023

Government fervent on conducting polls for 243 BBMP wards, says R Ashoka

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The state government of Karnataka is fervent on organizing BBMP elections for 243 wards and an individual bill will be passed in the forthcoming legislative session for facilitating it, according to Revenue Minister R Ashoka’s statement on Sunday.

While addressing the reporters, Ashoka revealed about the bill if passed amid the forthcoming session, the state government would not require to approach the Supreme Court against the High Court orders. Earlier, last week, the High Court has issued the order directing the state election commission for conducting the BBMP elections for the already present 198 BBMP wards and intimate regarding the polls within a period of six weeks.

The tenure of the previous council of BBMP was terminated on September 10, however, the government had taken the decision to withhold the elections giving the reason for the requirement to delimit the wards.

Ashoka marked that passing the bill would increase the count of wards to 243 and then conduct the elections according to that and consultations would be going on legal experts.

Presently, Bengaluru and all the other cities are under the governance of Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act.

The BBMP Bill was curated by legislature’s joint select committee which was formed for discussion regarding the requirements for separate legislations for Bengaluru. The draft bill also adds the mayor’s term by more two and a half years and elevates the number of BBMP zones from eight to twelve or fifteen.

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