Govt plans to operationalise 23 waterways till 2030 says PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday mentioned about the plan of the government to operationalise 23 waterways as of 2030 taking into consideration the increased capacity of major Indian ports to 1550 million tonnes annually which was around 870 million tonnes in 2014.

During his inaugural speech at Maritime India Summit 2021, PM Modi said, “Our government is investing in waterways in a way that was never seen before. Domestic waterways are found to be cost effective and environment friendly way for transporting freight. We aim to operationalise 23 waterways by 2030.”

He further added, “India has as many as 189 lighthouses across its vast coastline. We have drawn up a programme for developing tourism in the land adjacent to 78 lighthouses. The key objective of this initiative is to enhance development of the existing lighthouses and its surrounding areas into unique maritime tourism landmarks.”

Regarding the increase annual limit, PM Modi said, “This productivity gain not only helps our ports but also boost the overall economy by making our products more competitive.”

He further added, “The Government of India is also focusing on the domestic ship building and ship repair market. To encourage domestic shipbuilding we approved the Shipbuilding Financial Assistance Policy for Indian Shipyards.”

In his address, he also presented it as a formal investment invitation for Indian maritime sector, saying, “India’s long coastline awaits you. India’s hardworking people await you. Invest in our ports. Invest in our people. Let India be your preferred trade destination. Let Indian ports be your port of call for trade and commerce.”

During the Maritime summit, Modi also launched the Sagar Manthan-Mercantile Maritime Domain Awareness Centre along with e-book of vision 2030 which presents the key objective of establishing the Indian maritime industry at par globally with the internal benchmark set in for upcoming 10 years.

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