Govt sends notice to Twitter for unblocking accounts violating Indian laws

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The Government has sent a formal notice to Twitter on Wednesday stating the social media-based company has to supposedly comply with the orders of blocking or removing certain accounts posting provocative tweets over farm laws, the Republic day violence and the death of the farmers in a way which is violating the Indian laws.

The issued notice revealed that Twitter had taken the call of unblocking the accounts though the government orders were against it. The notice said, “Twitter is an intermediary and obliged to obey the direction of the government. Refusal to do so will invite penal action.”

There needs to a mention about Section 69A[3] which gives specific details about the penal consequences adhering to non-compliance of the orders issued by the government under section 69 (a) of the Act, said the notice.

As per the orders, on Monday, Twitter had imposed a temporary ban on the tweets and accounts in India, which also extended to some of the prominent magazines and the farmers who have initiated mass protest along the borders of New Delhi. Post the temporary ban on Monday afternoon; Twitter again activated their accounts within a few hours. The police have arrested various farmers due to the violence outbreak during the Republic day tractor rally. Some of the accounts blocked by Twitter are Caravan magazine, farmer activists and unions, some of the opposition leaders, an actor and an economist.

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