May 19, 2022

Photo Credits: AFP

Huge fire broke out at Beirut port just a month after the deadly blast

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A huge fire mishap occurred at Beirut port on Thursday creating a havoc among the Lebanese who are still recovering from the dockside explosion happened last month.

Dark smoke and toxic fumes arose into the sky in the evening hours and the army was helping the firefighters on the ground by spraying water from the helicopters. No particular injuries were reported. But, the people were panicking, seeking safety in closed bathrooms, throwing open windows and piling into cars to leave the capital.

The cause of the blaze was not evidently clear. Last month, on Aug 4, Beirut had witnessed an explosion which had 3,000 tons of nitrate blew up, invoked a lot damage and killed around 200 people. Lebanese were just recovering from the incident, and the viral videos on Twitter about the fire further panicked them.

Human rights researcher, Omar Nashe posted on Twitter, “Where are we living? This is the scene of the crime a month ago! Where is the judiciary? Where is the state? Where is the responsibility?”

Earlier in September, the army had found more than 4 tons of ammonium nitrate in four containers near the Beirut port. The army had mentioned that the containers were moved away from the port and kept safely.

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