India acknowledges ASEAN initiative on Myanmar, assures to be a part of resolving current situation

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Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said on Sunday that India has acknowledged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) initiative over Myanmar and will adhere to be involved constructively to resolve the current situation and setbacks in Myanmar, when answering the media queries on the initiative that Myanmar gave its agreement to at the ASEAN summit conducted on Saturday.
Bagchi said, “We welcome the ASEAN initiative on Myanmar agreed to at the ASEAN summit held on April 24. Our diplomatic engagement with Myanmar will be aimed at strengthening these efforts.”
Bagchi further added, “India, as a friend of the people of Myanmar, will continue to play a constructive and meaningful role aimed at resolving the current situation in Myanmar. India’s support to the democratic process in Myanmar remains steadfast.”
ASEAN leaders have asked the head of the Myanmar’s military chief Senior General Aung Hlaing, who rose to power in a coup on February 1, to end the violent crackdown happening in the country.
The 10-member AEAN had come to a consensus over five aspects which comprises of –
⦁ There shall be an immediate cessation of violence’ and restraint by all parties
⦁ All parties will commence ‘constructive dialogue’ for “a peaceful solution in the interests of the people”
⦁ A specific envoy of the ASEAN chair will be the mediator for the dialogue
⦁ ASEAN will be giving humanitarian assistance
⦁ The special envoy and delegation will visit Myanmar for meeting all the parties.

The meeting was conducted in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, which is the first physical gathering after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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