India and US review UNSC agenda points, will collaborate closely for future endeavours

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India and United States have discussed various issues pertaining to UN Security Council agenda and have mutually decided to collaborate closely due to their shared values revolving around democracy, pluralism and rule-based international orders, according to officials.

India, Mexico and Ireland were elected as a non-permanent member for a tenure of two years commencing from January 1, 2021. The two countries will be coordinating on a number of international issues that would be presented after consultation before the United Nations in the upcoming year.

An official statement from the Embassy of India revealed on Thursday stated, “Both sides held wide ranging discussions on issues on the UN Security Council agenda and recent developments.”

“They agreed to work closely together given their shared values of democracy, pluralism and rule-based international order, during India’s upcoming term as non-permanent member of the UNSC during 2021-22,” the statement further added.

The UNSC comprises of 15 members, from which the five permanent members are the US, the UK, France, Russia and China. The only country opposing India’s  inclusion for UN is China. Every two years, half of the 10 non-permanent members are elected for a tenure of two years. The Indian delegation was headed by Vinay Kumar, Additional Secretary (International Organization and Summits) from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Senior officials from Ministry of External Affairs, the Permanent Mission of India in New York and the Embassy of India in Washington D.C were present from the Indian side in the delegation. Alongside, the US delegation was headed by Pamela D Pryor, Actong Assistant Secretary representing the State Department’s Bureau of International Organisation Affairs and various senior officials from State Department.

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