India asked to chair three committees of the UNSC

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India has been issued the instructions to Chair three key subsidiary bodies or Committees of the United Nations Security Council, which comprises of Taliban Sanctions Committee, Counterterrorism Committee and the Libyan Sanctions Committee, according to Ambassador of India to UN TS Tirumurti statement on Friday.

In a tweet, TS Tirumurti said, “Happy to announce that Flag of India #India will be chairing 3 key subsidiary bodies of @UN # SecurityCouncil during #IndianUNSC (2021-22): Rightwards arrow Taliban sanctions committee, Rightwards arrow #CounterTerrorism committee (for 2022), Rughtwards arrow #Libya sanctions committee.”

Tirumurti attached a video with the tweet. His video message said, “The Taliban Sanctions Committee, also called the 1988 Sanctions Committee, has always been a high priority for India. Chairing this Committee at this juncture will help keep the focus on the presence of terrorists and their sponsors, threatening the peace process in Afghanistan.”

He further added, “India will also chair the Counterterrorism Committee in 2022, which coincides with the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence. The chairing of this Committee has a special resonance for India, which has not only been at the forefront of fighting terrorism, especially cross-border terrorism but has also been one of its biggest victims.”

The Committee was established in September 2001 just after the tragic 9/11 attack in New York and India had chaired Committee in the Security Council in 2011-12.

He further added that Libya Sanctions Committee, is an important body which enforces the sanctions regime and comprises of a two-way arms embargo in Libya, freezing of assets, a travel ban, and measures regarding illegal export of petroleum, etc. He said, “We will be assuming the Chair of this Committee at a critical juncture when there is an international focus on Libya and on their peace process.”

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