India broaches the terrorism issue by thinly attacking Pakistan at SCO meet

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In the meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) council of heads of the government, India launched a thin attack on Pakistan using terrorism and urged for collective efforts to combat it.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, chaired the virtual meeting held by the council and took a chance to criticise Pakistan for using SCO to broach bilateral matters and said this traverses against grouping charter, which protects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of member states.

While commencing his opening remarks, Venkaiah Naidu spoke regarding the significance of efforts for enhancing the economic recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic, and addressed China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) iterating on trust to determine the viability of global trade.

The meeting was not attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Pakistan had the least participation and represented by parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs Andleeb Abbas.

Speaking about terrorism, Naidu described the impact of terrorism, by calling it “the enemy of humanity” which needs ti be battled by joint efforts.

Naidu said, “India condemns terrorism in all its manifestations. We remain concerned about threats emerging from ungoverned spaces and are particularly concerned about states that leverage terrorism as an instrument of state policy.” Though Naidu did not name Pakistan.

“Such an approach is entirely against the spirit and ideas and the charter of the SCO. Elimination of this threat will help all of us realise our shared potential and create conditions for stable and secure economic growth and sustainable development,” Venkaiah Nadu further added.

Naidu also addressed the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative of the government is with the objective of raising the strength of the economy, resilience and enhanced capacities, which will make the country a trusted partner.

He said, “Partners must be trustworthy and transparent. It is trust that determines the sustainability of our global trade and nations must demonstrate their compliance with rules of multilateral trade to remain a part of this system.”

Regarding, India’s role in vaccine development with more than 60 per cent of vaccine to be utilized for immunization, Venkaiah Naidu said, “This global vaccine production and delivery capacity will be used to help all the countries in fighting this crisis.”

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