February 8, 2023

Photo Credits: Getty Images

India, Israel and United States collaborate together for 5G communication network

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A trilateral initiative has been collaborated among India, the United States and Israel for technological advancements and development which includes secure 5G communication network.

As per the US Agency for International development (USAID) Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick, A collaboration in 5G is just a tip of the iceberg and a first step. Ms. Glick told the PTI about the collaboration confirmation post the US-India-Israel forum held last week. The virtual summit focused on trilateral partnerships in arenas of strategic, technology and development.

Mr Glick mentioned, “One area we’ve been cooperating on is digital leadership and innovation, particularly in next generation 5G technology.” According to her, Silicon Valley Bengaluru and Tell Aviv have all earned reputations as leading innovative technology hubs.

She particularly emphasized on why the trio needs 5G development, “So, it’s only right that our three nations play a key role in delivering the promise of 5G in a way that it is open, interoperable, reliable and secure.”

“We cannot allow any nation to dominate this technology or use it to dominate other nations.” She further added

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