India launched 328 satellites from 33 countries as of now, says Jitendra Singh

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Union Minister Jitendra Singh revealed on Wednesday that a sum of Rs 900 crore for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in the financial year 2020-21 to develop the capacity for launch of satellites.

For the question asked in the Lok Sabha, a written reply was given by Jitendra Singh answered that the Department of Space is a part of launching satellites based in foreign countries for long. The cumulative count of the satellites launched till date is 328 from 33 different countries and the revenue obtained as of now is 25 million US dollars and 189 million Euros. Further on, the Government of India has built New Space India Limited (NSIL), which is a public sector undertaking, coming under the Department of Space for commercial launch of satellites and move towards being self-reliant.

A press release issued by the Department of Space stated, “ISRO is striving towards achieving Atmanirbharta in the field of capacity of development in launching satellites; therefore, no policy is envisaged for seeking foreign cooperation in this direction.”

For another question asked, Jitendra Singh responded saying that ISRO facilities are for the Indian industries and academia for testing their space systems. The satellites from M/s. Space Kidz India and M/s. Syzygy Space Technologies have been subjected to testing at UR Rao Satellite Centre, ISRO. He iterated about the involvement of the private sector for space activities in India is anticipated to have an outcome in the development of cutting edge technologies, new applications and services.

He further added, “Overall, it will make a bigger impact on the space economy.”

He revealed that the Government of India has done the analysis of the issues and concerns pertaining to national security while permitting private companies to participate in space activities and apt measures are taken for establishing the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center. 

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