India obtains 105 ventilators and other medical assistance from Kazakstan

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Kazakhstan has sent a consignment via aircraft having 105 ventilators, 7,50,000 masks or respirators and other equipment for medical assistance which reached New Delhi on Saturday morning, as a measure taken by Kazakhstan to provide support to the country amid the worsening situation of the ongoing second wave of Covid-19.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi expressed his gratitude towards Kazakhstan on Twitter. He tweeted, “Continuing cooperation with our Strategic Partner. Aircraft arrives carrying 105 ventilators, 7,50,000 masks/respirators and other medical equipment from Kazakhstan. Grateful to Kazakhstan for the support.”

Earlier, on Friday, India acknowledged the shipment received from Kazakhstan of 5.6 million masks/respirators. In a tweet, Bagchi stated, “Further deepening our Strategic Partnership. Welcome shipment of over 5.6 million masks/respirators that arrived from Kazakhstan.”

Several countries have taken the initiative to support India maid the crisis which includes the US, UK, Germany, France and Korea.

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