India ranks third over the number of doses of Covid-19 vaccine administered

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India has taken the third position in the world for the total count of Covid-19 vaccines being administered, the Government of India revealed on Sunday that the United States and United Kingdom are the only two countries ahead of India in the race.

In an official statement, the government revealed that in 12 states, around 2 lakh beneficiaries have been vaccinated. For the state of Uttar Pradesh, the vaccination count accounts to 6,73,542.

Over the record of last 24 hours, 3,58,473 beneficiaries have been vaccinated for 8,875 sessions. The total number of sessions conducted are 1,15,178 and there is an increase in the beneficiaries being vaccinated on a daily basis.

The release further revealed that as many as 84.83 per cent of the fresh cases of Covid-19 are from six states and Union Territories.

The state of Kerala has registered the highest active cases with a count of 5,942, followed by Maharashtra with 2,768, after which Karnataka recorded new 531 cases. As many as 78 fatalities have been recorded in the past 24 hours.

Five states and Union territories hold 69.23 per cent of the total death count with the most casualties from Maharashtra, after which 16 deaths from Kerala and 5 from Punjab.

A total of 57.75 lakh beneficiaries have been vaccinated in the vaccination drive which includes 53,04,546 healthcare workers and 4,70,776 frontline workers, as of February 7, 2021, 8 am.

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