India will import from Germany 23 mobile oxygen-generation plants

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India is now planning to import mobile oxygen-generation plants and containers from Germany for deployment at the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) hospitals for treatment of Covid-19 patients considering the severe oxygen shortage in the country.

The AFMS has taken a call over importing 23 mobile oxygen-generation plants which will be reaching India in a period of around seven days.
A defence ministry spokesperson said, “Twenty-three mobile oxygen generation plants are being airlifted from Germany that will be deployed in AFMS hospitals catering to the Covid-19 patients.”

Every plant will have the inherent capacity of producing 40 Litres of oxygen for every minute and as much as 2,400 Litres an hour and it will be able to serve 20 – 25 patients efficiently as per their requirements.

He further said the advantage of these mobile plants is that they are easily portable, he stated. The Ministry of Defence has taken another important decision about providing extension to Short Service Commissioned Doctors in AFMS by December 31, 2021 to tide over the current surge adhering to Medical services.

The spokesperson further added, “This will augment the strength of AFMS by 238 more doctors.”

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