October 4, 2022

Photo Credits: Hindustan Times

Indian Defence forces to increase the stock of weapons, ammo preparing for 15-day intense war

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Amid the rising conflicts and border tensions with China, India has taken a critical move by directing the authority to the defence forces to increase the stock of the weapons and ammunition as a preparation for the 15-day intense war incident now.

With the conflicts happening with China in Eastern Ladakh, it is inherent to utilize the extended stocking requirements and the immediate financial powers, with which, it is anticipated that the defence forces will be spending Rs 50,000 crore for acquiring the equipment, arms and ammunition from the local and foreign sources.

The authority to raise the weapon and ammunition stock is restricted to a minimum of 15-I levels from the already present 10-day stocking is to be ready for the two-front war between China and Pakistan.

According to the government sources who revealed to ANI, “A number of weapon systems and ammunition are being acquired now under the authorisation of having reserves to fight a 15-day intense war with the enemies. The stocking would now be at 15-I level from the 10 I level.”

The sources iterated the authorization for increasing the stocks and reserves was given the approval a while ago.

According to the authorization, the stocking was supposed to be for a 40-day intense war, which was then dropped to 10-I level citing storage issues and the alteration in the nature and course of warfare.

Post the Uri attack, the low war wastage reserve stocks were brought into notice and the then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar raised the financial authority of the vice chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force to Rs 500 Crore from Rs 100 Crore.

The defence forces have bought a number of various weapons, spares, missiles and systems for effectively managing the two adversaries. As per the sources, a large number of missiles and ammunition for tanks, artillery have been attained in adequate quantities for the troops on the ground.

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