Internet ban revoked in 2 districts of Haryana, will be there for 5 more over farmers’ protest

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The Haryana Government on Wednesday has revoked the internet ban imposed on two districts – Panipat and Charkhi Dadri – which was earlier implemented amid the farmers protest. Though, the internet ban will be prevalent in five more districts of Haryana till 5 pm on February 4, as per the reports of PTI news agency citing government officials.

The Haryana Government had issued the orders that any person breaching the orders will have a strict legal action taken against them.

The internet services were suspended to curb any disturbance pertaining to the peace and public order during the ongoing protest by the farmers demanding to revoke the three controversial farm laws.

In the earlier phase, the Haryana Government had imposed the internet ban on 17 districts, but then added the suspension over more districts. The move was highly castigated by the Opposition parties and farmers who are protesting against it.

The issues was also addressed by the group of 40 lawyers, in the letter written by them marking the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Sharad Arvind Bobde on Wednesday. They appealed to the CJI to take cognizance of the call taken by the government to suspend the mobile internet services along the borders of Delhi where the farmers have been protesting for over two months now.

Union Minister of Agriculture, Narendra Sing Tomar had mentioned about putting up additional barricades and imposing internet ban for the locations in the vicinity of the farmers’ agitation.

Tomar further highlighted the Centre will be conducting any form of informal talks with the farmers.

On January 22, the 11th round of talks was held between the Government and the leaders of the farmer unions, which was inconclusive. The Centre had urged the union leaders to give a second thought about the proposal of implementing the laws after 1.5 years.

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