Jacinda Arden forms government for New Zealand with the Greens

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New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden representing the Labour Party formalized an agreement on Sunday with the Green Party for formation of government in a country with 5 million population.

Eralier, this month, Jacinda Arden, had the biggest victory in the New Zealand elections for her Labour Party in nearly half a century. Though, Arden does not require any support from the other parties for governance, it is the norm of New Zealand to have coalition governments as parties merge together for consensus.

Jacinda Arden had declared on Saturday, about the new government to be officially announced on Monday. The Greens will be provided with two ministerial portfolios, and at the same time, included several upgraded provisions that will give more liberty to the coalition partners.

At the signing ceremony on Saturday, Arden addressed the reporters, “What’s unique here is that we’re both agreeing that we actually don’t have to agree.”

The Greens are duty-bound to support the government decisions regarding their portfolios, though, are alternatively designated to take charge of another position to Labour.

Marama Davidson, the Green Party’s co-leader stated, “I’m again really proud that we have a good mandate, because it shows that this is a cooperation agreement that is a win-win for the Greens.”

Previously, the Labour Party had a coalition government with the Greens and New Zealand First.

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