Jacinda Arden triumphs over NZ elections, secures another term

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Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and her Centre-left Labour Party had a landslide victory in the New Zealand’s general election on Saturday. Referring to her second term, Arden said she would use it to rebuild the economy impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic also resolve the social inequality.

She addressed her supporters in Auckland, “Over the next three years there is much work to do.. We will build back better from the Covid crisis. We have the mandate to accelerate our response and our recovery.”

Jacinda Arden, 40, has seized the central essence of New Zealand politics with her empathetic leadership and effective crisis management which was at the fore-front during the country’s struggle with Covid-19. The voters have rewarded her with the management lead by her during the pandemic.

Finance Minister, Grant Robertson, top Labour MP said, “People were very grateful and very happy with how we’ve handled COVID, they like the shape of the plan that we’ve got going forward from here for the economy.”

The Prime Minister has assured on increasing the taxes for top earners, while Collins (other candidate) spoke about implementing short-term tax cuts. Though Arden has an international fame owing to her leadership skills and participation in progressive causes like women’s rights and social justice, she encountered a lot of criticism that her governance failed on the assurance to be transformational.

The economy of New Zealand dropped at 12.2% in the second quarter, the lowest since Great Depression.

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