Japan proceeds along anti-submarine exercise with three vessels in South China Sea

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According to the reports presented by Japanese defence ministry, Maritime Self Defence forces of Japan carried out anti-submarine drills in South China Sea on October 9. The drills were conducted by setting up three vessels comprising of a helicopter aircraft carrier and a sub-marine.

In an official statement, the Defence Ministry stated that the objective of the exercise was “to boost their tactical capability”. Not much details were revealed on the geographical location of the drills.

All the three vessels will be halted over Cam Ranh Bay In Vietnam for the weekend to replenish supplies, the official statement mentioned.

China asserts rights over almost all the energy-rich waters of the South China Sea, thereby building military outposts on the fabricated islands in the area. Various other countries like Brunei, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines also have rights over some parts of the sea.

In several attempts, China has been outrageously blamed by the United States of militarising the Sea and thereby terrifying the Asian neighbors intending to utilize the area’s enormous oil and gas reserves.

China has subtly lashed out the Japanese drills in state-backed Global Times Newspaper on Saturday, stating the recurrent military activities in South China Sea is not viable for the stability and security of the area.

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