Karnataka becomes first state which vaccinated more than 2 lakh beneficiaries against Covid-19

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As India is on a vaccine roll-out, the vaccination centres throughout the country are working in full swing to increase the count of the people to be administered the Covid-19 vaccine. Among all the states, Karnataka becomes the first state in the country where more than 2 lakh healthcare workers have been administered the Covid-19 vaccine, revealed the state Health Department.

Further on, the total count of healthcare workers being vaccine beneficiaries has against Covid-19 has exceeded 16 lakh in the country as of the records taken till 7.30 pm on Sunday via 28,613 sessions of vaccination, as per the provisional report presented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

According to the details released by MoHFW, India has recorded overall 13,203 fresh cases of Covid-19, 13,298 recoveries and a count of 131 deaths over the period of last 24 hours. The current count has led to the total cases of Covid-19 be 1,06,67,736 which comprises of 1,84,182 active cases leading the total recoveries to be 1,03,30,084. The total count of people who lost their lives due to Covid-19 estimated to be 1,53,470 which is inclusive of the new deaths.

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