Karnataka emerges in the top list for cyber crime with more than 12,000 cases

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Karnataka has surpassed Uttar Pradesh with respect to the most number of cyber crimes when the country has recorded a 63.48 % hike in such cases. And, Karnataka has faltered, again, with an increase in cases and lack of punishing the accused.

With respect to the cases of cyber crime, the state has acquitted only ten people in nine cases and 31 were acquitted from 26 cases. As per the data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the per cent of pending cases for investigation has surged to 93.1 %, filing of charge sheets is at a rate of 8.1 % and the cases whose trial has withheld has surged to 95.6 %.

There has also been increase in the cyber crimes against women in the state. Following the chronology, Karnataka recorded whopping 12,020 cases of cyber crime in the previous year, following which 11,416 cases were recorded with 11,416 cases and 3,604 cases were registered in Maharashtra.

From the 20,000 cases handled last year by the state, 18,638 investigations were not finished.

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