Karnataka farmers plan to introduce indefinite stir from December 7

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The Union of the farmers, Dalit labor and other progressive organizations will be introducing an indefinite stir starting from Monday in Bengaluru, in harmony and synchronization with the protests held in Delhi by the farmers against the three controversial farm bills.

They have also taken the step to support the Bharat Bandh planned on December 8, for protesting against the laws.

The President of the Karnataka Farmer Organization’s Union, Kurubur Shanthakumar stated, “The organizations will launch a massive protest in front of the Gandhi statue at Maurya circle on Monday. All units of the organizations, working in different parts of the state, will extend support to the December 8 bandh call.”

Shankthakumar appealed to people from different walks of life to support the bandh and collectively participate in the protest. He further blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi government of inching towards disruption of agricultural sector. He said, “Rather than fulfilling the assurance of implementing the Swaminathan Committee report made ahead of 2019 polls, the central government has made laws to decimate farmers.”

This is the second time the farmers stir in Karnataka will be simultaneously incident with state government’s legislative assembly in the year. Earlier, in September, farmers held a week-long protest in Bengaluru and conducted a separate ‘people’s session’ amid the monsoon session of the government.

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