Pfizer to be first Indian pharmacy company to apply for emergency use approval for Covid-19 vaccine candidate

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Pfizer India, will become the first Indian pharmaceutical company to seek emergency use approval from Drugs Controller General of India’s (DGCI) authorization for its Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s parent company, has already received an approval for emergency usage in the United Kingdom and Bahrain. As per an official source, “Pfizer India has sought permission for emergency usage authorization of its Covid-19 from DGCI to import and market.”

Earlier, on December 4, Pfizer India passed it’s application to DGCI seeking emergency usage authorization of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate. The application was submitted via form CT-18 for permission with respect to importing and marketing Pfizer BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine in India. Though, India has a very tough challenge to maintain low temperature of minus 70 degree Celsius for vaccine storage.

After the UK Regulator Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) granted emergency usage authorization approval on December 2 for the Covid-19 vaccine candidate in the UK. Alongside, on Friday, Bahrain also granted permission for the two dose vaccine developed by Pfizer and its German collaborator BioNTech.

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