Kejriwal extends AAP’s support towards Bharat Bandh protests against farm bills

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would be extending the required support to the strike by farmer groups and associations who are protesting against the key farm bills passed by Centre in September.

In a tweet. Kejriwal, the convener of AAP, stated, “The AAP would support the Bharat Bandh called by farmer groups on December 8. AAP volunteers too would join hands with farmers in peaceful protests across the country on that day. It’s an appeal to citizens of India to support the farmers.”  

The ove comes when Union minister of state of Agriculture, Kailash Choudhary repeated that the farm laws passed are in favour of the farmers and will not be revoked according to the demand of the farmers.

He further added that amendments can be made to the laws by giving consideration to the rising demands of the farmers.

Choudhary said, “I think the Congress government in different states and also the party in opposition is trying to instigate farmers. Nation’s farmers are in favor of these laws but some political people are trying to add fuel to the fire.”

The farmers protests has been supported by various Opposition Parties, which continues as Centre holds discussion with the farmers organizations.

According to PTI, Gopal Rai, AAP leader and Delhi’s Environment Minister, all party workers and volunteers will be a part of the protest. In a video message, Rai revealed, “This is not just the farmers’ fight but the fight for all countrymen. India is an agricultural country and if farmers are unhappy then the country is affected. I appeal to all to join the protest.”

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