Karnataka gives gyms the permit to operate with 50 percent capacity

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In a fresh development over the recent COVID-19 guidelines released by the state of Karnataka, a new update has been released on Sunday about the operations of gyms in the city. As per the new order passed by Chief Secretary P Ravikumar, the gyms are given the permit to be open with the condition that the occupancy does not exceed the given limit of 50 per cent.

The order has been issued a day post the state government adjourned the 50 per cent cap on seating for the theatres till April 7, post the representatives of the Sandalwood industry urged Yediyurappa.

Karnataka had released a fresh set of COVID-19 guidelines to contain the anticipated second wave and issued an order for the gyms to be shut. The order stated, “A number of representations were received by the Chief Minister to relax these restriction with certain conditions. It is now decided to modify this clause relating to gyms.”

Post the announcement about the new guidelines, the gym owners had expressed their criticism over the decision of the government over social media platforms, mentioning that the move would stack woes over the staff employed at the gyms. They had petitioned for relaxing the regulations.

The operations of the gyms have been permitted with the condition that the occupancy cannot surpass the limit of 50 per cent capacity and COVID-19 guidelines need to be adhered by stringently like wearing masks, practising physical distancing and mandatory sanitizing of equipment’s after using it. The order added, “If there is any violation, the gym shall be closed till the Covid pandemic is over.”

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