Karnataka HC instructs to conduct a survey to confirm CA site enroachments

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The Karnataka High Court has instructed BBMP for conducting a survey pertaining to the Civic Amenity (CA) sites which are based in the Narayan Nagar area in South Bengaluru in order to identify the enroachments.

The residents from Narayan Nagar 1st and 3rd phase lodged a PIL petition regarding the enroachment of the CA sites in their locality by land sharks. The layout was handed over to BBMP in 2007 from the Bangalore Department Authority (BDA). The petitioners have complained the regarding the inadequacy of the BBMP to manage the properties. The condition is so worse that 24 out of 42 sites are enroached by land grabbers which was meant for public purposes.

Chief Justice Abhay S Oka heading the bench instructed the BBMP to survey by the aid of a government surveyor. Further instructions were passed to improve the condition of the parks and playgrounds.

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