Karnataka ranks third for growth, lags behind in equality

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The state of Karnataka has ranked third for growth, but has a very low rank and lags behind in terms of having equality and sustainability, according to the findings of the nationwide assessment of states and Union territories.

The details of the assessment were presented in the yearly Public Affairs Index report which conducts the assessment regarding the quality and adequacy parameters of the government. The report was published by Karnataka based think tank agency, the Public Affairs Centre (PAC).

The data unleashes the contradictory growth curve of state when subjected to comparison with other states. The assessment revolves around three primary elements which are the pillars for judgement – equality, growth and sustainability.

Karnataka has the position of 1.22 on the index, for the “growth” parameter, which holds the second rank in the country when considering the larger states, following Kerala, which has the growth index rank of 1.42. Though, overall, Goa holds the top position with index of 1.93.

When considering the parameter of “equity”, the index value of Karnataka, falls down in negative, with – 0.609, which takes it to the 12th position when comparing with the large states, and falls even below Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Telangana.

Aparna Sivaraman, Programme Officer at the think tank and Team on the index assessment project stated the protocols involved for getting the standardized data for the states and Union Territories, which includes utilization of parameters like gross domestic product, population or geographical area for having a fair review.

According to Sivaraman, “growth” is reviewed from gross domestic product, employment levels and infrastructure improvements like of schools, buildings. Alongside, “equality” is estimated based on accessibility to services, malnutrition, social inequalities, teacher – to-student ratios and other likewise parameters.

Gender inequality is prominent in terms of having low female population in labor, which builds a negative relationship with growth, thereby invoking growth of the state with seeping gender disparities.

Aparana said, “Interestingly, the data shows that while Karnataka has invested heavily in buildings and other infrastructure, it has invested less in human development and human capital.” Though, she iterated on significant improvements over time. She added, “Last year, it ranked last among the large states – at 18th position.”

Karnataka ranks fifth in the country for “sustainability” among the larger states with index value of 0.793, whereas Goa, under small state category, tops with 2.181 index.

PAC stated the significance of sustainability as it impacts the complete performance for the large and small states and UTs. In the previous, Karnataka held top position in the larger states with index value of 1.45.

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