Karnataka to stop vaccination in hospitals, drive will be held at schools or colleges

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Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwathnarayan revealed that the Covid-19 vaccination drive will be shifted from hospitals and primary health care centres in Karnataka and the vaccination will be conducted in schools and colleges throughout the state. Ashwathnarayan said, “All activities pertaining to vaccination in hospitals and primary health centres will be halted. The government has decided to continue the vaccination in schools and colleges to make the inoculation drive more effective.”

He made the announcement post a meeting held with the officials of the task force.

The Deputy CM also declared the people working in banking, postal services sector, street vendors, delivery agents, essential service providers along with the workers in the crematorium will be taken as frontline workers for the vaccination. The Deputy CM revealed the crematorium workers will also be the beneficiaries under Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Yojana for the low-income communities.

While addressing the media, Ashwathanarayan revealed that those who have been administered the first dose of Covaxin, will be given the second dose only after the government has administered the first dose for everyone in the state with 45 years and above.

Regarding the vaccination for the 18-44 age group, the Deputy CM told the media, “The [state] government has decided to proceed with the vaccination only after it has developed a portal like Cowin. The state’s portal will be linked to Cowin.” He further added the two crore vendor to procure vaccines will be divided into 4 tenders of 50 lakhs each.

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