Karnataka’s Cabinet expansion will be exercised soon

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After prolonging and maintaining a long silence on the subject of cabinet expansion or reshuffling, the exercise will be conducted at the earliest in the state of Karnataka. The newly appointed ministers to the state Cabinet will be undertaking the swearing at the ceremony to be held at 4pm on Wednesday, as declared by Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa.

The list which will consist of the names of the recently appointed new members will be released on Tuesday evening. Presently, seven new members are appointed for the Cabinet who will be inducted on Wednesday evening post clearing on Sunday by the BJP high command of the much pushed over Cabinet expansion or reshuffling.

When asked about whether the already appointed ministers would be stopped or staying put in the Cabinet, Yediyurappa responded saying the doubts regarding the same will be clarified automatically amid the ceremony on Wednesday.

For the seven vacant Cabinet berths, three legislators have been selected who had given their resignation from the Congress-JD(S) alliance – MTB Nagaraj, R Shankara and Muniratna. According to the sources, BJP MLA Umesh Katti which was promised a ministerial berth by Yediyurappa will also swear in. There has been a built-p suspense for the three remaining posts with many BJP legislators eyeing it.

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