Karnataka’s Congress MLC refutes watching objectionable video amid session

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Congress MLC Prakash Rathod on Friday has refuted the allegations pertaining to him watching any objectionable video on his mobile phone amid the on-going session.

During conversation with ANI, Rathod revealed, “Whatever is coming on a few television channels is far from truth. I was not watching any objectionable videos.”

Rathod further added, “I was just trying to get my messages regarding the questions that I asked in the council to the Rural Development Minister. The starred question was number seven and I wanted to get some-sub questions which I intended to ask the minister.”

He further mentioned about what was he doing with the cellphone, saying, “The storage in my mobile was full so I was trying to delete some messages.” The current session of the Karnataka Legislature had commenced on January 28 and is being scheduled for concluding on February 5.

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