Kejriwal strongly retaliates against the farm laws in the assembly

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal strongly retaliated against the farm laws in the special assembly session by tearing the papers of the recently implemented three farm laws on Thursday. Kejriwal also blamed BJP for bringing up the laws for obtaining the election funds.

Kejriwal said, “BJP has made the elections very costly in the last few years. The farm laws have been made by the BJP for getting the funds for elections.”

He further asked in the assembly, “BJP leaders say that the farmers could sell their produce at any place in the country. The Minimum Support Price (MSP) of paddy in the country is Rs 1868. In Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the paddy is being sold at Rs 900 – Rs 1,000. Where will these farmers sell their produce to earn a good price?”

“The country’s farmers will not actually sell their produce. The industrialists will buy the farm produce in Uttar Pradesh and then sell it at exorbitant prices across the country,” Kejriwal added.

Highlighting the death of 20 farmers amid the protests, he said, “I want to ask the central government, how many deaths will take place after which their ears will open.”

Kejriwal further spoke about the farmers agitation amid the British rule. He said, “During the British rule, there was an agitation conducted by farmers in Punjab. They were agitating against the three farm laws made by the Britishers – Bari Doab Act, Punjab Land Colonization Act and Punjab Land Alleviation Act. Farmers have agitated for nine months against the British.”

He further added, “The agitation was led by Bhagat Singh’s father Kishori Singh and his uncle Ajit Singh. They had formed Bharatmata Nirman Society under whose aegis the agitation was conducted. The British government had said that they will do the amendments but the farmers were resolute on their demand of repealing the laws. The Britishers had to concede in the end.”

The Delhi Chief Minister further iterated on how the BJP workers are also being misled, just like the farmers. He said, “The farmers are not only being misled but the BJP workers are also being misled. A case for disrupting traffic due to the farmers agitation is being heard in the Supreme Court. The advocates for farmers in the court have said that the farmers’ demands in the court are valid.”

Farmers are protesting against the three farm laws passed by the Centre from November 26, along the borders of New Delhi.

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