King of Jordan acknowledges the resignation of PM Omar al-Razzaz

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The King of Jordan, Abdullah has acknowledged the resignation letter of Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz on Saturday. Though the King has asked for him to continue as a caretaker premier till he make necessary arrangements of a successor for managing the Parliamentary elections on November 10.

After the four year tenure which terminated last Sunday, the parliament was dissolved by the monarch in a move which specifies that the government shall have to resign within a week as per the constitutional reforms.

Omar al-Razzaz was appointed as prime minister by King Abdullah in summer of 2018 for resolving the protests over tax increases urged by International Monetary Fund (IMF) to deduce the public debt.

In a resignation letter addressed by Razzaz, it was accepted baout the mishandling of the pandemic, and the collapsing healthcare of the country with the community spread going out of control.

Around 1,099 new cases were reported on Sunday bring the total tally of Coronavirus cases to 14,749 and death toll of 88.

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