Despite lockdown regulations, Israelis protest against PM Netanyahu

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Thousands of Israelis broke out on the streets across different parts of the country, completely defying the new law passed by the government to avert the anti-government demonstrations or protests during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The protests directly raise a major question regarding the competency of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding managing the Coronavirus crisis and has also alleged blames of corruption.

The new law passed by the government bans Israelis from holding any protests or marches at a distance of not over 1 kilometre from homes and imposed stringent restrictions to curb the spread of the virus. Though, critics have termed it as a blow to the freedom of speech.

The protests emerging in the country on a Saturday night were small and scattered, yet, a crowd of thousands were present in Tel Aviv. Nearly 15 people were arrested in the protests as per the information given by police spokesman.

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