KSRP promotes women constables creating a new history

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Around 72 women constables were given a promotion to be ‘head constables’ on Tuesday, thereby establishing a new landmark in the history for the Karnataka State Police.

This is the very first time that Karnataka police has given promotion to constables after completion of a tenure lasting only three years and four months.

As per Alok Kumar, the Additional Director General of Police, KRSP, this happened for the very first time in the history of Karnataka police department that constables have been promoted to a higher rank over a mere term of three years and four months. Manjula Hunagundi, a KSRP constable, is given the promotion to be a head constable just after a ‘brief stint’ being a constable. During an in-house ceremony for the KSRP, Alok Kumar honoured Manjula with a chevron by placing it on her uniform.

Alongside, Ranjitha and H R Anita, currently the 4th battalion constables in KSRP, were given the promotion as a head constable after a long service of 24 years. As many as 11 constables with a service of over three and a half years and additional 34 constables with over five years of service were subjected to promotion after five years to a higher rank.

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