LGBTQ activists cooked meals for the protesting farmers in Bengaluru

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Republic Day generally marks for watching the parade on Television, but Mallu Kumbar, the state coordinator, at the same time was preparing meals along with her colleagues and members associated to the Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum (KSMF). The LGBTQ group has been cooking meals at Bhoopasandra in Bengaluru for the farmers arriving in Bengaluru for protest against the three controversial laws passed by the Centre.

Mallu Kumar said, “We aimed to cook at least 300 kgs of rice and we have managed to cook pulao. We began our work on Monday night because we were all inexperienced in cooking for such a large crowd and had a great amount of work.”

The farmers were constantly supported by the different organizations representing the Dalit Community, women’s welfare groups and others undertook equal shares of responsibilities. They were working in teams – one was preparing the meals and the other was distributing it.

Mallu said, “A few members of the KSMF group decided to donate some funds and we bought the supplies to cook for the farmers within that amount. Al Kabab Centre provided us with the necessary utensils, water connection and a place to cook for the farmers. I feel honoured that I got a chance to cook for them. They grow the very grains we eat. This is the first time we have undertaken such an initiative.”

Farmers in Karnataka have been protesting on Republic Day in the tractor rally as a solidarity for the larger protests held in Delhi and such rallies were also conducted in other district headquarters.

The farmers in Karnataka called their rally ‘Jana Ganarajyotsava Parade’.

In Bengaluru, the local farmers along with the other farmers from parts of Karnataka had a rally from NICE Road junction to Hosakote Toll Junction on Kolar Road.

Mallu further said, “The injustice being meted out to people in this country and state is not unknown. The farmers’ protest has begun a new revolution across the nation. We, the people of the sexual minority community, work as farmers or are farmers’ children. We will stand by the farmers who demand repealing of the farm laws by those who are willing to fight for the greater good and restore the faith in justice. We will carry the legacy forward.”

Kumbar emphasized on the fact that the farmers have been largely hit by the the farm laws and has led poverty on them. Mallu added, “We don’t just want the Union Government to repeal the three farm laws. We also want the Karnataka State Government to roll back the amendments they made to the land laws, which is a challenge for farmers in the state.”

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