Mitra, the Robot bridges the communication gap between Covid-19 patients and their loved ones

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A Noida-based hospital is utilizing the services of customer-service robot to cater towards patrolling the wards and helps in bridging the communication gap and distance between the Covid-19 patients and their friends and family.

Mitra, meaning a “friend” in Hindi, is widely recognized for its interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2017 at some event.

Mitra’s eyes have the feature of facial recognition which assists its memory to recall people it has had prior interaction. It has a tablet attached to its chest which lets the patients interact with their loved ones and also goes around when the medical staff cannot access the wards.

Dr Arun Lakhanpal from Yatharth Super Speciality in Noida commented, “It takes a lot of time to recover, and during this time, when patients need their families the most, they are unable to visit.”

Mitra developed by Invento Robotics has costed the hospital one million rupees.Yet, it has proved to be efficient in terms of making the patients feel better, and making the job of the doctors quite convenient.

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