Nepal re-opens its borders for India with stringent restrictions

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Nepal has taken the call of reopening its borders for India post keep it shut for several months due to Covid-19 pandemic, however, as per the new guidelines, the Indians who want to cross the border and reach Nepalvia land need to take a permit, according to the Nepal Home Ministry’s statement. The Ministry has relaxed the restrictions thereby giving entry permit for cross-border, but due conditions need to be adhered to.

A spokesperson of the Home Ministry, Chnadra Bahadur Budha revealed to ANI, “We have ordered to open borders from Thursday following some new measures. Indian and other nationals would require to take a prior permit from the Home Ministry while a Nepali can enter by registering their health details.”

Budha added that no measures will be applicable for the Indians travel to Nepal via air-route. He iterated, “This will be only applicable to those entering from 28 border points and travelling via land.”

Last year, from March 23, Nepal had issued the instructions to close the border for India in a way to contain the transmission of the Covid-19 infection, as reported by The Kathmandu Post. Following the latest data released by John Hopkins University, Nepal has registered 270,588 Covid-19 cases and a death count of 2,020 people.

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