‘Nothing against Ramdev”: IMA chief agrees to take back complaint over Ramdev’s statement withdrawal

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With the ongoing war of words between Indian Medical Association (IMA) national chief Dr. JA Jayalal and the yoga guru Ramdev, Dr. Jayalal on Friday made a statement that IMA has nothing against Ramdev and will take back the complaints after he withdraws his statement against the modern medicine. Dr. Jayalal revealed to news agency PTI, “We have nothing against yoga guru Baba Ramdev. His statements are against vaccination for Covid-19. We think his statements could confuse people, may divert them. This is our big concern as he has many followers.”

The verbal bout between Ramdev and IMA is continuing without any indication of de-escalation, though the yoga guru has retracted the video which led to the tussle – in which Ramdev had made slanderous comments about allopathy. Later, it was revealed that Ramdev was reading through the WhatsApp messages and not giving any personal opinion.

However, the brawl extended further as another video was released where Ramdev was saying that nobody’s father can arrest him. He has hurled 25 questions to IMA and asked about the reason why modern medicine has not found a permanent solution for hypertension.

Dr. Jayalal said if the yoga guru steps forward and withdraws his complete comments, the IMA will then consider revoking the police complaint and the defamation notice.

Alongside, the Uttarakhand chapter of IMA answered the 25 questions asked by Ramdev and subsequently challenged Patanjali Togpeeth to participate in a public, televised debate to discuss allopathy.

The battle between Ayurveda and Allopathy took a new twist with Patanjali Ayurved Limited managing director and Ramdev aide Acharya Balkrishna pointing out IMA engaging in a conspiracy to convert the nation into Christianity. To which, Dr, Jayalal commented, “How does the question of religion even come here? This is purely a diversionary tactic by vested interests and nothing more. All my life I have served people without differentiating them on any basis and I would continue to serve them.”

(With inputs from news agency PTI)

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