Opposition trying to disrupt peace, law and order, says Smriti Irani

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Union Minister for Textiles and Women and Child Development, Smriti Irani said on Tuesday the Opposition parties are making their best attempts to disrupt the peace, and law and order in the country and blamed them of getting political gains over the Bharat Bandh call of farmers leaders and associations.

In an interview with ANI, the Union Minister said, “The opposition, which could not get to power through people’s support and votes, is infuriated and is trying to disrupt the law and order situation for political gain. We have seen scenes where workers of the opposition parties are forcefully shitting down shops and markets. The country does not want bandh. But, a bandh on the opposition’s misguided policies and corruption.”

Smriti Irani further said, “When the Bill before the Parliament, the opposition tried to spread rumour about the MSP and APMC. They claimed the government will close the APMC markets. Nothing of that sort happened. The Government of India did not even touch the APMC law.”

Irani added, “The government had assured that it will continue procurement at MSP. As a result, till December 5, the government procured 336 lakh metric tonne rice from 33 lakh farmers.As many as 60 per cent of the farmers who benefited from this are from Punjab.”

The Union Minister iterated the Opposition has no interest in upgrading the agricultural sector or are concerned for the welfare of the farmers. She said, “The fact that 33 lakh farmers participated in the MSP operations after the Bill was passed is a sign that they trust the government… When their (UPA-II) government was in power from 2009 to 2014, they only did MSP operations worth Rs 3 lakh crore. However, in the last six years, the Modi government has done MSP operations worth Rs 8 lakh crore. “

Irani mentioned the Opposition is getting more infuriated as the money goes direct into the bank account of the farmers without any intermediary. She also criticized the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, saying though he accepted the passed farm Acts, he was also supporting Bharat Bandh. She said, “He notified a gazette. A gazette is notified when the government accepts a law administratively and politically, So, he has given his acceptance already.”

The farmers have been protesting for 13 consecutive days in various parts of Delhi and Haryana, and called for Bharat Bandh today.

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