Over 12 killed, 10 injured in airstrikes on Taliban base

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The twin airstrikes incident on a Taliban base situated in the northeastern Afghan province on Kunduz on Saturday, according to a provincial official. The airstrikes have killed a minimum of 12 civilians and around 10 others had injuries.

Kabul’s Defence ministry officials revealed that over 40 Taliban firefighters died in the strikes and did not give any confirmation about the civilians death count. They further mentioned an investigation is in-process regarding the incident which passes through as the warring sides keeps up peace talks.

Fatima Aziz, member of parliament representing Kunduz stated, “The first strike hit the Taliban base but the second one caused civilian casualties as they had gathered at the bombed site.”

As per her data, 11 civilians were killed and a count of 5 were missing from Khanabad district of Kunduz province. Though, another witness reported that 12 civilians were killed which includes the children and 18 were injured.

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