Over 20,000 trees to be chopped off in Karnataka for Bengaluru-Chennai expressway

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A count of 20,748 trees will be chopped off in Karnataka limits to make way for constructing the proposed Bengaluru-Chennai eight lane Expressway under Phase , stretching across 71 kilometres and touching the borders of Tamil Nadu.

As many as 30,000 people will be affected by the acquiring of the lands.

The expressway, having the complete length of 330 kilometres will be subjected to construction in three phases. The first phase of construction will begin from Bengaluru and extend till Bethamangala near Mulbagal.

The dry regions of Kolar, which consists of 85 % trees located in the right way of the road will be most adversely impacted. The trees comprises of 9,805 horticultural trees. From Bengaluru Rural, the district will lose 4,699 trees which is inclusive of 2,837 horticultural trees.

While chopping of eucalyptus, as in Kolar, won’t make much difference, however, the loss of mango, coconut, teak, guava, neem, tamarind and other trees will alter the landscape and also impact the livelihood of the farmers.

The Phase 1 construction will be passing through a total of 72 villages. Around 5,611 families with 28,055 members will affected die to the possession of 1,890 acres of land. The road will have a direct impact on 1,720 people in 344 houses, who will require rehabilitation.

There was the demand of expressway right before the government devised a structured plan for the Chennai-Bengaluru economic corridor.

Sandeep Singh, the Chairman of Karnataka Chapter’s Confederation of Indian Industries, who is also the managing director of Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Ltd, stated the expressway will commence more development activities for both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Sandeep said, “Besides the inter-industry activity on Karnataka-Tamil Nadu belt, it will also provide industries here the best connectivity to the ports in the neighboring state. This is a long-pending demand and we are all very excited the project is finally taking off.”

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