Pakistani clerics allow Hindu temple construction

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Pakistan’s state-run council of clerics, who can give their suggestions and inputs regarding religion, have given their permission on Wednesday for the construction of a new temple for the Hindus who are in minority in the country, ruling the Islamic legislation, and granting a place for worship.

Lal Malhi, a distinguished Hindu leader, and a member of the Parliament, appreciated the grant of approval but also highlighted the suggestions of the council, which was clear to not utilize the public funds directly for building private places of worship.

Earlier in June, Prime Minister Imran Khan had issued the order to stop the construction of the temple in the capital city Islamabad, which invoked the decision of the Council of Islamic Ideology. Imran Khan had taken the move to halt the construction due to the threats given by the radical Muslims who termed Hindu temple construction as a ‘blasphemous act’.

There were rising tensions as extremists vouched to halt the construction of the temple. Imran Khan asked the council whether the government funds ca be utilized for the construction, as he had assured $600,000 for the construction of Hindu temple. But, the impending decision of the council left the decision on the community to utilize it as it fits.

Presently, Islamabad does not have any functioning temple for Hindus. However, the capital city does have one temple, which is not used for worship by the Hindus with the fear of attack.

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