Paraguay announces ‘state of emergency’ over seething forest fires

Forest Fire
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Paraguay’s Congress has given an official announcement about declaring a ‘state of emergency’ over the raging forest fires on Thursday, extensively burning the regions of Chaco dry forest which is an abode to cattle ranches, jaguars and other indigenous tribes.

The move will help garner funds for tackling the raging forest fires and at the same time even welcome any international assistance for the country.

The neighbouring countries Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil are also recurrently tackling the rising incidence of wildfire which is exceeding at an alarming rate threatening to exceed the historical records of drought and dry weather.

The National Emergency Secretariat (SEN) in Paraguay announced that a count of 5,231 fires were incident in the last 24 hours in the Chaco region.

SEN chief Joaquin Roa stated, “All the fires that have been generated are controlled but we have not won the battle, we cannot lower our guard.”

He iterated the Chaco region as “breeding ground…for forest fires” with no potential rainfall till Oct 7 according to the Meteorology Department.

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