PM Modi accepts US President Biden’s invitation for climate summit: MEA

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accepted the invite sent by US President Joe Biden for attending the Leaders Summit over Climate and the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate scheduled for April 22 and 23, revealed MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi on Friday. As per PTI agency, Bagchi said, “Prime Minister Modi welcomed President Biden’s initiative and accepted the invitation,” at an online media briefing.

For the summit to be hosted by US, Biden has extended the invites to around 40 world leaders and intends to put forth the urgency and economic benefits of the actions to avert and stop the existing climate changes. The summit is planned online citing the current scenario of Covid-19 pandemic and will be available for public viewing as a telecast.

The Summit commences on Earth Day, April 22 and will be further having a discussion on factors affecting climate change and Biden will be highlighting the goal of the US for reduction of carbon emission til 2030, as per the White House statement.

According to PTI, the Summit will reconvene the US-led major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, which will have 17 countries come together and take charge for over 80 per cent of global emissions and global GDP.”

Bagchi further mentioned about the upcoming visit of the US special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry to India during April 5-8 for discussing the upcoming summit. Bagchi added, “We expect that during his visit, Mr Kerry will be interacting with several ministers, including the external affairs minister as well as ministers of finance, petroleum and natural gas, environment, power and new and renewable energy.”

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