PM Modi at World Sustainable Development Summit: India inching towards studied progress in shifting to renewable energy

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) on Wednesday stated that India is making progress towards shifting to renewable energy sources. The Prime Minister emphasized on utilization of ethanol in India amid implementation of Ujjwala schemes and had the supply of LED bulbs for rural areas in a move to transform to renewable and sustainable forms of energy.

Modi said, “Renewable energy is picking speed in India. We are well on track to setting up 450 GW of generating renewable energy by 2030. India’s private sector and several individuals are contributing to this (target).”

PM Modi further indicated that sustainable development will be only possible on the equitable distribution of resources. He added that India is focused on achieving the goals framed at the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015.

“We committed to reduce the emissions intensity of GDP by 33-35 per cent from 2005 levels. You’ll be happy to know that a drop of 24 percent of emission intensity has already been achieved,” PM Modi said.

He emphasized on the impact of climate change on people belonging to the lower strata of income and the climate justice needs to focus more on compassion for people with low income background. He said, “Climate justice also means giving the developing countries enough space to grow. When each and every one of us understands our individual and collective duties, climate justice will be achieved.”

Modi spoke about how the world leaders need to understand about the growth that the developing countries need. He said, “ The health of our people and health of our planet, both are interlinked.”

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