PM Modi pauses his election speech, urges doctor to aid unwell woman in Bengal rally

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the rally speech in Bengal on Tuesday urged his team of doctors to attend to the woman who was experiencing some health issues due to dehydration amid an election rally in Cooch Behar.

While giving a speech at the rally, Modi halted his speech and indicated the medical team to aid the unwell woman at the rally venue. Modi also appealed to the other people present at the venue in the rally along with the volunteers to immediately provide water to the ailing woman.

During his speech, PM Modi said Mamta Banerjee (Didi) has scored an ‘own game’ in politics similar to football post her khela in Nandigram.

He said, “Didi, people say you play a lot of football. Didi, the day you did ‘khela’ at the polling in Nandigram, the same day the country knew that you have lost the elections. You have already scored an own goal in politics like football!”

He further added, “Didi, you are not proud that West Bengal is seeing more than 80 per cent voter turnout. It means you are losing. Recently, you appealed for Muslim unity and said their votes should not divide. It shows that the Muslim vote bank, which you considered as your strength, has slipped out of your hands.”

Alongside, the third phase of the West Bengal Assembly polls is scheduled for Tuesday. An overall count of 31 Assembly constituencies for the districts which comprises eight in Hooghly, seven in Howrah and 16 in South 24 Parganas will be entering the polls for the phase – III.For the upcoming round of polling, the total number of candidates contesting the elections are 205. But, only a meagre six percent of the candidates contesting the elections are women accounting a small number of 13 from the total 205.

The polling for the first two phases adhering to the West Bengal elections was scheduled for March 27 and April 1 respectively. Meanwhile, the fourth phase of the polling is planned for April 10 and the counting of votes is scheduled for May 2.

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