PM Modi presents 3 suggestions for boosting oxygen supply at the review meet

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday headed a high level review meeting over the subject of oxygen supply shortage throughout the country and discussed a few suggestions to boost the availability of oxygen, as per an official statement.
The review meeting was attended by principal secretary to Prime Minister PK Mishra, health secretary Rajesh Bhushan, home secretary Ajay Bhalla and officials of Niti Aayog and other ministers representing the states and Union territories having severe shortage of oxygen supply amid the Covid-19 surge.
During the discussions in the meeting, Modi emphasized on the importance to work at an increasing pace over three aspects – increase in the oxygen production, increase in the speed along with the distribution and using innovative techniques for providing oxygen supply to health facilities.
The officials informed PM Modi about the elaborate exercise conducted in the states to understand and detect the demands for oxygen supply and further assure over the increase in the supplies steadily. The statement further added, “Against the present demand from 20 states of 6,785 MT/ day of Liquid Medical Oxygen, Government of India has from 21st April, allocated 6,822 MT/ day to these states.”
Modi also issued orders to the officials to ensure oxygen supply in the states happens in a smooth and efficient manner and there is a requirement to fix to allocate responsibility to the local administration for any instances of obstruction.
Meanwhile, the Union Government has been following the steps for increasing the supply of cyrogenic tankers via conversion of nitrogen and argon tankers, along with import and airlifting of tankers and manufacturing them, according to the statement.

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