PM Modi reveals Covid vaccine to be ready in the upcoming weeks

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At an all-party meeting held on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed that Covid-19 vaccine will be manufactured by the Indian manufacturing companies in the upcoming weeks. He also iterated on the point India will be utilizing indigenously prepared vaccines as he mentioned about cheap but effective vaccines on Covid-19. This is when, Moderna and Pfizer have launched vaccines a a much higher cost over India’s vaccine candidates.

Speaking about India’s status on the vaccine, Modi said, “Experts believe we don’t have to wait for a long period to get a vaccine. It is understood that in next few weeks, Covid vaccines will be ready. The government is waiting for a go-ahead from the scientists.”

As UK is all set for vaccination drive with the high-priced Pfizer’s vaccine after giving authorization, PM Modi pointed out at the Indian government waiting for the vaccine which will be made in India. “The world is looking at a cheap but effective vaccine against Covid-19. The world is looking at India. You can be assured our scientists are working hard. Eight Covid vaccines are at different stages of preparedness in India. This includes the three Indian vaccines that are at different stages of trials,” he said.

Moreover, Modi also spoke about the preferential order for vaccine administration, “The first priority would be given to healthcare workers, frontline workers and old people with comorbidities.”

While addressing the members and leaders from different parties, Modi said India comprises of the best expertise and capacity for vaccine distribution, thereby pointing at the already present vaccine network for universal immunization. “We have a large and experienced network in vaccination. We will fully use it,” He added.

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